About Me

About Me

About MeSomething about me. Hi my name is Derek and I have been on the internet for several years. I have tried several programs although probably not seriously enough, but I am now back with SFI one of the programs I took a look at but didn’t take any action on.

A little more about me. I live in the U.K and have done all my life, other than the time I was in the British army. I spent time in several countries including Germany, Borneo, Singapore and the U.K during my 12 years of service.

I was married at the time and have 2 children, 5 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. I currently live with my female partner in the East of England.

More About Me

I enjoy meeting people on the internet and where I can helping them to progress in their chosen field. In the past I have spent time as a trainer on internet marketing. This does not mean that I am an expert just the fact that I have studied internet marketing and the way it is done.

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