My SFI Day

My SFI Day

my sfi dayMy SFI Day starts with checking my emails before going on to complete my to do list for SFI for that day. Because progressing in SFI means collecting VersaPoints you need to do all that you can to collect VersaPoints. Once I have collected points from my to do list I will go on to look through some more of the Ask SC to get extra entries in the daily draw. While the VersaPoints help you to progress within SFI there are many other things to be done if you are to get a good income from your membership. My SFI day always includes one thing that must always be remembered, and that is that you will earn more from SFI by recruiting and duplicating.

With that in mind my SFI day continues with a visit to my SFI blog to write or update the articles on there. I will then try to increase my backlinks by writing articles and posting them as a guest on others blogs. I will also read some of the articles and post comments to increase my backlinks even more.

My  SFI Day

Depending on the time I have available my SFI day will include spending time checking on the progress of my traffic exchange links before going onto writing adverts for posting on safelists. If time permits I will also write a couple of articles to post on article directories. All this is helping me get the word out about my website and also my SFI gateway pages. I will make time to look over some of the articles on the SFI site to keep myself up to date with all that is going on.

My SFI Day

It is very easy to fill your day doing things to help you get the word out about your activities. As I want SFI to be my main income I will spend the time I feel necessary to make it that way. As with everything when you become more adept at doing these tasks the time you take to do them will lessen. I enjoy doing the things that are necessary to get the word out so to me this is not work just a little time invested into my advancement and income with SFI. Oh yes if you want to be successful you must invest time in your beliefs.

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