SFI Works

SFI Works

sfi worksOne thing that you cannot criticize SFI for, is its training. So asking how SFI works  may seem a little redundant. Of course you  always get those who try to do things without reading the instructions and then blame everyone but themselves when their plans don’t work out the way that they thought that they would.

Along with how SFI works should also be why SFI works? It is all down to the basic design and the backup from the owner Gery Carson who appears to be always on hand to answer questions and promote SFI. The reason that SFI works is down to the dedication of the team Gery has working with him and also to the dedication shown by the affiliates and team leaders. Yes there are those in the down lines who never do anything but of course they will stay where they are either until they do something to help themselves or they just leave the program.

One thing that can prevent affiliates from carrying on is the amount of dead wood in their down lines. Unfortunately that is the nature of the beast. It doesn’t matter how much help you try to give some people they are not going to move unless you do it all for them. It can be hard for someone who is new to the internet marketing practices to accept they will come across people like these, especially when you have a program such as SFI. They just haven’t got the necessary fire in their belly to carry through there initial sign up.

We must all accept that while our marketing techniques are pulling in the sign ups, not all of those who sign up are going to carry through their initial action. I suspect there are many amongst the affiliates and leaders in SFI who have signed up for various things in the past on the internet but have then decided against following their initial idea through.

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